Remote Learning Days

Update: April 2, 2020

Dear Henry-Senachwine Parents, Guardians, and Students:

Please review the updated information below.

Updated Schedule:  

Governor J.B. Pritzger extended the “Stay at Home” order in Illinois through April 30th.  Our use of remote learning will be extended through April 30th.

Academic Updates

Chromebooks:  If the District loaned your student a Chromebook during this time of remote learning, please take care of the device.  The students will need to return the Chromebooks, as well as textbooks, to the schools when we return to regular session.

State-Mandated Assessments have been cancelled (e.g. IAR, ISA, SAT, DLM, & the Constitution Exam)

:  Students should continue to complete work and follow the guidelines established through these institutions.

- please continue to check the HSHS website or email Mrs. Self. You can also click on the following link:  

Athletic/Activity Update

IHSA/IESA Spring 2020 Athletics:  Postponed

HSGS/JH Spring 2020 Play: Postponed

Easter Egg Hunt - April 11 - Cancelled

HSHS Prom - April 18 - Postponed

HSHS Post Prom - April 18 - Postponed

HSHS Blood Drive - April 24: Cancelled

8th Grade Graduation - May 22 - Currently remains scheduled

HSHS Graduation - May 24 - Currently remains scheduled

Regarding events and activities - We will continue to follow guidance issued by the State of Illinois, Illinois State Board of Education, and public health officials.

Upcoming School Schedule


Thursday, April 2       Remote Learning Day (RLD)
Friday, April 3             Remote Learning Day (RLD)

Monday, April 6           RLD
Tuesday, April 7          RLD
Wednesday, April 8    RLD 
Thursday, April 9         RLD (½ day) & Teacher Planning Day (½ day)
Friday, April 10            Not In Attendance

Monday, April 13       Not In Attendance
Tuesday, April 14       RLD 
Wednesday, April 15 RLD
Thursday, April 16     RLD
Friday, April 17           RLD

Monday, April 20       Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, April 21       RLD
Wednesday, April 22 RLD 
Thursday, April 23     RLD
Friday, April 24           RLD

Monday, April 27       Teacher Planning Day
Tuesday, April 28       RLD 
Wednesday, April 29 RLD
Thursday, April 30     RLD
Friday, May 1              To be determined

**  We will update you on our next packet distribution days for HSGS/JH when determined **

Meals:  To request meals for your student(s), please contact your student’s school office (High School at 309-364-2829 or Grade/Junior High School at 309-364-2531) or email our food service director, Mrs. Laurie Carroll, at   .  Currently, pick-up is at HSGS/JH the day after your request.  If you have already requested, you do not need to request again.  Please note that meals are free to all students PK-12.

Free Internet:  Just a reminder - families may have the opportunity for free internet through Mediacom.  Click on, click on “Apply Today”, then enter your zip code and complete the online form to see if you qualify.  You can call Mediacom at 1-855-904-2255 for more information.

School Building Access:  During the mandated “Stay at Home” order, all school buildings are closed.

Remote Learning Days for Henry-Senachwine School District, beginning Thursday, April 2nd – Friday, April 30th.

Update:  March 31, 2020

Dear Henry-Senachwine Parents, Guardians, and Students:

On behalf of all Henry-Senachwine School District Staff, I can share that we miss all of our students and are looking forward to getting back in touch with the students and families.  The well-being of all of the students is our priority and we want to make sure we stay connected during these times. 

Recently, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) informed schools that, beginning Tuesday, March 31st, schools would be operating using Remote Learning Days.   Remote learning days are currently scheduled through April 7th, but could be extended if ordered so.  Also, schools are able to utilize remote instruction planning days to allow schools to prepare for remote learning.  Henry-Senachwine teachers and staff have been preparing this week and are excited to take our next step.

Our first goal is to connect with you.  The teachers and staff will be in touch with you shortly, just to connect and check in with students and/or parents.  This may be done through a phone call, email, and/or through an online platform like Google classroom.  If you have not been in contact with a teacher or staff member by the end of the day Wednesday, please contact your student’s school so we can troubleshoot any communication issues.  

Pick-up of paper packets and requested devices for students in grades PK-8 will occur on Wednesday, April 1st at HSGS/JH.  A pick-up schedule and directions will be provided soon. HSHS students should contact Dr. Hill if you are in need of any materials.

In addition, our remote learning plan summary points are provided further below.  In developing our remote learning plan, we have used recommendations provided by the Illinois State Board of Education.  Specific grade-level details will be available through your student’s teacher or school.

We recognize that these are exceptional circumstances for all.  We are focused on connecting with students, supporting the students and providing opportunities for continued learning.  As remote learning will be new for many of us, we plan to patiently move forward and improve each day, together as a school community!


Dr. Michael Miller


Remote Learning Plan Summary Points


Learning:  Paper Packets and Online Platforms

  • Remote Learning begins on Thursday, April 2, 2020

  • Teachers will provide students in grades PK-8 paper packets including instructions, assignments, activities, and resources.  Distribution of the first round of paper packets is scheduled for Wednesday, April 1.  The first round of paper packets are prepared to last through April 10th.  

  • Some teachers, especially at the high school, may use online platforms (e.g. Google Classroom) to connect and engage the students.  The teachers will provide students with instructions on how to connect.  If your teacher is using an online platform and you need assistance in connecting online, please let your teacher know so we can work on connectivity.  




  • If using paper packets, we ask that the students/parents connect with the classroom teacher daily to confirm attendance and participation each day, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and no later than 1:00 p.m. You can confirm attendance by sending your teacher an email.  Junior High students should send their homeroom teacher an email to confirm attendance. Your teacher may provide you with additional information on check-in.


  • If using online platforms (e.g. Google classroom), students should check their Google classroom by 9:00 a.m.  Your teacher may provide you with additional information related to check-in. Teachers using an online format will have his/her initial post to students by 9:00 a.m.


  • Teachers will monitor student participation through classroom discussion, interacting with teachers, project completion, and/or hardcopy paper packet submission.


  • Teachers will be available from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. on remote learning days to post work, provide instructions, and/or answer student questions.  Your teacher(s) will provide you with information on ways to connect with him/her.


  • The administration will be available on remote learning days and can be reached by contacting the school office or by email. 




  • Grading will be grounded in the recommendations provided by the Illinois State Board of Education.  


During this time of remote instruction, student grades will not decrease.  A student who is not able to be engaged, or who chooses to disengage, in remote learning will receive an incomplete.  The content from remote learning may need to be made up after the transition back to regular in-person school resumes.


Specific information regarding grading will be available soon through your student’s school.

Upcoming Schedule

Tuesday, March 31 Planning Day

Wednesday, April 1 Planning Day

HSGS/JH Packet & Device Distribution (schedule to come)

Thursday, April 2 Remote Learning Day (RLD)

Friday, April 3 Remote Learning Day (RLD)

Monday, April 6 RLD

Tuesday, April 7 RLD

Wednesday, April 8 RLD (Tentative)

Thursday, April 9 RLD & Teacher Planning Day (Tentative)

Friday, April 10 Not in attendance (Tentative)



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